Chapter 1  In A Hoop Of Trouble
Lurmin the Lump was thinking a lot about Welcome, about what it meant and why he came to be there.
His round, lumpy body was wedged tightly within the thick, metal hoop suspended high in the air, pinning his arms at his side.
The more he wiggled his dangling legs, the more the hoop pressed against him, squeezing the air from his lungs, making it impossible for him to cry out for help.
Not that Lurmin expected anyone to help, as the laughter of the boys who had tossed him into the hoop faded in the distance.
School had ended and everyone had left the playground, running to their smooth, comfortable homes for their warm, delicious meals and the unending praise from their adoring parents.
Lurmin had none of these and unless he could find away out of his predicament, well, he didn't want to think about that!
Maybe one more wiggle would do it. One more try might set him free.
He had learned in his short, hard life to never give up, no matter how seemingly impossible the task.
So with one last, aching breath, he wiggled, squirmed, hunched and scrunched his little body for all it was worth.
He thought he felt himself slowly working his way down through the ever tightening metal prison.
Just a little bit more.
The pain only increased, as his rather large lumpy ears were stretched and pinched.
Lurmin was becoming light headed from lack of air.
At last he could wiggle no more.
Exhausted, he now found the hoop pressing tight against his nose, cutting off even more of the air he desperately needed.
He had no more strength, he had no more hope.
“Hello! Hello up there! Could you use some help or are you just enjoying the view?”
Welcome is a word used to greet someone when bringing them into your world as a friend.
Welcome is also the name of a wonderful world, a happy world, a contented world.
For as long as they could remember, all the creatures who inhabited Welcome lived out their lives in perfect harmony.
Then, one day, a baby arrived and everything changed .
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