Lurmin The Lump - Spell Breakers Artwork - Page 1
Woz,and Miz Meek
rescue Lurmin and begin a quest to save others like him from the Eggers.
Dregg Egger stole a power suit and is trying to capture Lurmin to clear his parents name
Tortle is Spearbold's trusty steed who pulls the Bel Air wagon to help Lurmin, Woz and Miz Meek escape Dregg
Edmund Zoober inventor, expert bowler and partial android due to a near fatal bowling accident
7.10 Splitter robots
protect Zoober.
Corkbottom Island hides Edmund Zoober's underwater lab and base for his Wozzlemarine sub
These 3D models sculpted in Zbrush are used as reference to create ebook illustrations : Pages 1 , 2 ,3, 4
Count Mindbinder
2 Faced Evil Wizard
Clobster:created by Mindbinder as an underwater prison
Dolphina, Warrior Queen of the Dolphins
Flake,the last
Ice Dragon
Cattyak carries travelers in her stomach in hairballs so they don't freeze. Driven by Grannimax who defends her using Slingalla Oofo to throw silver grenades.
Evil alien retired couple from FL lures their prey with hospitality and uses
Killgrill to prepare them for supper. Theairstream trailer is also a space ship.
Wheely ATV moves on an adjustible plasma field and can roll, float or climb walls
Princess Morah
held by Mindbinder in the Clobster
Feather Lightstorm and her Spiritwolf Tessa
Sniffer captures travelers on The Path when he smells gold
Spearbold rides Tortle as a Protector Of The Path
The Blue Belly Bumble Bird always flies backwards into danger