Artist's Statement
Two Years Academically, Then Three More Just For Art.
Stimulation For The Mind, Expression For The Heart.
Designs For Shirts And Catalogs, Of Things To Buy And Sell.
Painted Signs And Portraits Of People You Know Well.
Illustrated Childrens Books, Teaching Them To Grow.
Summer Weekends Traveling,Exhibits Show To Show.
Mirrors Of Those Days Gone By,Or Of Those Yet To Be.
Colors, Lines And Atmosphere To Fire Your Memory.
History, Science, Nature, Life, And Abstract Fantasy;
Windows To Another Time Or Place We Wish To See.
So Worry Not What Others Think, It's You I Try To Reach;
To Stimulate, Communicate, To Calm, Amuse And Teach.
So Take What Pleasure You May Find In Whole Or Just In Part;
And For Awhile, Just Stop And Smile; Your Art Is In Your Heart
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How Alligator Got His Smile Back
Written by Jayne Moraski and Illustrated by Carl Kocich
Available At:
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Dragon: Enter The Realm
Written By J.G. Eastwood
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Custom Portraits Of Your Favorite Pet

Dragon:The Fantasy Continues
Written By J.G. Eastwood
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  As prehistoric Alligator frolics in the water with his best friend, the tadpole Frog, their friendship soon suffers as Frog changes and is able to leave the water to jump across the land.
  Leaving the Alligator, who only had flippers at the time, behind, alone and sad. Then Frog brags about his new ability making Alligator even sadder.
  How this eventually results in the Alligator changing to the form we know today and defines what true friendship means is depicted in a charming story with over 25 full color illustrations.
  Also included is a section which teaches the young reader about the flora and fauna in a coastal habitat.

Beautiful, unframed, acrylic paintings of
your favorite furry friend done from your supplied photos
Your satisfaction is guaranteed
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Dragon, My Dragon
Written By J.G. Eastwood
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Faeriewyck Enchanted
Written By J.G. Eastwood

   The secretive and shadowy mountains in China, near Han's home, excite his curiosity and he enters the mysterious cave that sends out a beckoning glow.
  Inside he finds an old man sleeping, guarding an ancient treasure.
  Han's misguided shortcut to prosperity leads him and his pet cormorant into unimagined danger.
  This exciting and instructional story was inspired by the author's trip to Southern China and the Chinese legend of the Return The Peal Cave located there.
  It also combines this with the age old practice of how the fishermen use their pet diving birds to help them catch fish.
Han And The Mysterious Pearl
Written by Barbara Bockman and Illustrated by Carl Kocich
Available At:
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Lurmin the Lump
Spell Breakers
is a sci-fi / fantasy book I am writing and illustrating about an unusual boy and his quest to save others of his kind in the dangerous, magical world of Welcome.
It will be released as an ebook in 2018.
I will be uploading characters and props
created using Zbrush and Photoshop so that you may follow the project to its completion.
This is a preliminary cover design.
Click on image for link to artwork.
Inktober  2017
Inktober is artist Jake Parker's challege to encourage artists to do one ink drawing a day for the month of October at Instagram #inktober 2017 and  #inktober 2018
Click on links above to see mine plus additional drawings I call Revember art.
Inktober  2018